Using anything to its full potential is the right way of using it. Google search is one of those search engines that we all make use of in one way or the other, whether it is for researching on a topic for an assignment, or for the entertainment purpose. It is surely a powerful searching tool, which we might not be using to its true potential. In order to make it work for you, we have compiled a few tips that can be used to make it work the best for you. If you are interested in knowing how ‘googling’ should really be done, then keep on reading this article.

Use quote marks

If you are trying to search for something specific, then use quote marks around the specific phrase or name in order to be provided with the same search results in the same exact order. For example, if you search for Bryan Adams, you will come across a lot of search results with the names Bryan and Adams in them, but all the search results would not link you to the singer Bryan Adams that you are particularly looking for. However, if you write Bryan Adams, then all the search results with Bryan Adams in the exact order will be provided to you, which is much better than going through irrelevant search results.

Exclusion of terms

Sometimes, the exact words or phrases do not lead us to the kind of pages that we are looking for. In such a scenario, adding a minus sign at the end of the name or phrase may help you in excluding those pages from turning up in the search results, which you do not need. For instance, if you search for “Bryan Adams” –jackets, you will specifically get the songs and other information related to the singer, and not the jackets that he wore to his live performances or shoots.

Searching through synonyms

Synonym searching is done when you have a less specific term, and you want to bring up such results on Google that can help you specifically look for the term linked with other synonyms. Like, when you type IT – college, the results will bring you not just the IT related colleges, but schools and universities as well.

Limiting the domain

You can easily limit Google search to a website, where you would want to lookspecifically for a topic. It can be done by making the use of the domain or site limiter. For instance, when you type cloud computing, you will be linkedto the articles that would be related to the topic of cloud computing on the domain

Using the asterisk

The asterisk mark is used just like the blank tile that we get in the game of Scrabble as a bonus. Itis used specifically by people when they are not sure about the whole phrase or song they are looking for, as they do not precisely remember the exact lyrics or want to be provided with more searches related to the phraseat the time of searching. For instance, when you write time and * wait for none, then you will be directed to the search results that have time and tide wait for none in them in any form.