What if instead of being in the right hands, it was in everyone’s hands’ said Steve Jobs, of computer,during his early days on the Macintosh project in Apple Inc. Today, in fulfillment of his vision we all have the computer on our hands, which we call ‘smartphone’. The way technology has advanced in a rollicking fashion in the past two decades is remarkable. From computers that needed complete rooms for installation we have come to the age where they fit on our palm tops. What is more noteworthy, is the way smartphones changed the life of the average human.

Googling’ in your hands

The role of Google has been stunning in our daily lives. It is the answer to every query, every question, and every problem. Such has been the might of the world’s most famous search engine that its mere name is has evolved into a verb. You can’t miss the news because Google is in your hands. Movies, songs, careers, science, math or even history, Google is used for everything. This exponential increase in the use of Google has been due to the convenience of its use through smartphones. I mean, you won’t turn to your PC or your laptop just to search for the latest trends in fashion. But, since the advent of smartphones, the world is your hands, because Google is in your hands.

One of the most extraordinary positives which the smartphones have brought to the fore is the syncing of personal items using ‘email ids’. This also means that all your emails will be synced with your phone and will reach you with a notification. Pretty much like a text message. So, unlike the days of the past where we used to check our emails once in a week, the average man now instinctively views his emails through the ‘mail’ app.

Books replaced by pdfs, tickets and boarding passes by QR codes

We know that since the last ten or more years, people have been booking flights online. But now, the human convenience has received so much priority that you can also check-in online. Thereby you receive your boarding passes as QR codes on your smartphones which can be easily scanned by a common handheld or stationery scanner. A whole library of books can be stored on your phones and be easily read through pdf reader apps in the smartphones. That has replaced the need to buy printed version of books, as people are more than happy to carry published literature in their pockets.

The distraction which is social networking

One of the major cons of the smartphone world we live in today is the coming together of the world, that too right on your hands. Facebook, WhatsApp or any other networking or social networking apps have created much distraction for common man. Everything that you do goes on the internet and the world sees it. Everywhere you go, the world knows. Right or wrong is another part of the story, but the wastage of time spent socializing on phone is massive, and is reducing the productivity of the average human tremendously.